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  1. Construction Layout Tape is a paint by numbers blue print for construction components.


  1. Construction Layout Tape is a patented layout system for all components in building construction by collectively organizing all trades while reducing layout mistakes to zero with paint by number simplicity.


  1. Construction Layout Tape is Lexan tape that adheres to the floor of any building construction, transferring the blue print to the floor for all trades to reference with its paint by numbers simplicity.


  1. Construction Layout Tape is Lexan tape which when applied to the floor of building construction, lays out all components for trades to reference while eliminating redundant measuring and mistakes. Construction Layout Tape remains in place as a reference for all trades.








The numerous benefits of Construction Layout Tape (CLT) include:



  1. A reduction in layout mistakes and measuring redundancies due to the ability to better manage and streamline an entire building's structural installation requirements. With CLT one tradesman can accomplish what has traditionally involved dozens to hundreds of tradesman.


  1. The elimination of potential transfer errors from blueprints to the actual floor as a result of using only one tape to indicate, using simple and clear demarcations, the proper location for windows, doors, fixtures, studs, and bottom plates.


  1. Decreased time to complete any construction project due to the ability of all contractors to use the same CLT as a reference which readily facilitates, if necessary, the application of additional overlay tape for all other building structures such as duplex boxes, plumbing, HVAC, cable, and phone lines.


  1. Decreased rework due to being able to proactively identify any necessary adjustments before actual installation.


  1. The elimination of misinterpretation by bilingual staff because of the use of easy to interpret symbols.


  1. Increased time spent on actual quality installation due to a decreased amount of time spent on the pre-installation layout and measuring phase.


  1. Post construction efficiency because CLTs is permanently visible even after walls are framed and sheet rocked. Additionally, stud numbers are also permanently visible thereby facilitating the calculation and evaluation of material costs.


  1. Decreased time spent looking for pipes, fixtures, etc behind already closed walls.


  1. CLT will silence the skeptical, just like when Sheetrock, screw guns, Plywood, Pneumatic tools, and steel studs came into existence.



Using CLT will facilitate the construction of any construction project.


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